Awesome Ninja Warrior Gifts to Give This Season

Updated November 2020

As American Ninja Warrior continues to sweep the nation in popularity, chances are you have a “ninja” you’ll be gifting this holiday season. And, this year more than ever we hope you’ll consider supporting small, family-owned ninja businesses and your local ninja gyms. 

Whether he or she is young or young at heart, we’ve put together a list of ninja warrior gift ideas they will love.

Check out what gift ideas we’ve rounded up this holiday season.

Ninja Warrior Gifts

Ninja Gift Box, Home Edition – $79

New ninja in your life? Give them the gift that will set them up for ninja training success.

We’ve put together the perfect combination of items to do just that with the Ninja Gift Box.

The Ninja Gift Box – Home Edition includes a custom Passport Book hold, eco-friendly water bottle, 2 oz of Magic Ninja Dust and a breathable mask. Want more? Consider the Ultimate Ninja Gift Box which also includes a Ninja Passport membership!  

Each of these items are available individually, as well! 

$5 for each gift box sold is donated to your ninja gym of choice. 

Grab the Ninja Gift Box here >>

Ultimate ANW Backyard Ninja Course Blueprints – $79

Whether you are serious about becoming the first American Ninja Warrior, or you would just like to surprise your kids with the coolest present ever, the Ultimate ANW Backyard Blueprint is exactly what you need to have a complete and super-compact course in your own backyard.

Our original design packs the following obstacles into an 8×16 foot space: Salmon Ladder, Rope Junction, Rumbling Dice, Devil Steps, Globe Grasps, Pipe Grasps, Cargo Net, Cliff Hanger, Peg Board, and Jumping Bars.

Get instant access here >>




Lorin Baller At-Home Pegboard – $80

Hand-crafted by pro-ninja, Lorin Ball, this at-home pegboard is sealed for weather proofing, includes Oak pegs and spacers for mounting and is the perfect addition to your home ninja gym setup! Shipping is extra. 

Email us to order yours, here >>

Stronghold Christmas Switch Hold – $14

The Stronghold family is a ninja family just like us and while they have some amazing holds (which you should totally check out) we love this tree ornament. The best part is that proceeds go to benefit a ninja family who recently endured a terrible loss. 

This Switch ornament is handmade in their shop and is the perfect stocking stuffer for all your ninja friends. Sold as a single ornament, it measures 4″ wide with the Stronghold logo on the front and “Christmas 2020” on the back.

100% of the profits from the Switch ornament sales will be donated to the Go Fund Me account established in memory of ninja mom Jennifer Marr.

Get the Christmas Switch Hold Here >>


DGS Floating Cliffhanger – $89

Check out the New Reversible Ledge Design of this floating cliffhanger from DGS! Flat Cliffhanger, or in-cut, you choose. Simply remove using the two allen head bolts on each side to increase or decrease difficulty. This obstacle is rectangular flying cliffhangers with reversible ledges there are 3 hanging hole options. It is constructed with strong CNC Cut laminated Baltic Birch construction. It’s an excellent hold to help with grip training!

Private Virtual Training with a Pro Ninja – Starting at $25 per session

Is there anything more exciting for a budding ninja athlete than one-on-one time with a pro ninja? Set up one-off or series of virtual private sessions with pro ninja athletes Lorin Ball, Tyler Gillet or Julio Santiago. All these ninjas are trained to give you and/or your child a fun and exciting experience. 

Check out our available private sessions:

Be sure to visit The Ninja Marketplace for more great virtual training options – including PE Pods! 

TIP: Not sure you’re ready to get trained by a pro ninja but know you want to train LIKE a pro ninja? Check out the virtual Warrior Performance Training program.


Ninja Pants from PiMovement Apparel – $88


If there’s one thing ninjas love, it’s their PiMovement ninja pants! Scroll through any ninja-related Insta feed and chances are you’ll see a pair or two. And, for good reason! Pi’s are sturdy, wash well, move well and look cool.

Best of all, PiMovement donates 3.14% to support building playgrounds to underserved communities around the world and they’re American made. We LOVE PiMovement!

Ninja Passport Members save 20%, to get the savings join us here. 

Check out Ninja Pants here >>



The Bowl from Monstro – $49.95

Love the shape of this hold from Monstro! The bowl is a fun hold allowing Ninjas of all skill level to grab, swing and transition from one hold to another in a variety of ways. With a super comfy 1.25″ lip, the Bowl can add tons of fun to any grip or swing line.

Be sure to checkout Monstro’s entire line! Lots of creative holds that are well made.

Get The Bowl >>



Eleviia Travel Package (Portable Pullup Bar + Travel Case) – $118

One of the most important training tactics any ninja should do is work on upper body strength and the Eleviia portable pull up system helps you do just that! Simply attach to just about any doorway (read the fine print to ensure it will fit where you want to place it) and get your training in. The handy travel case makes it easy to pack and train while on-the-go.

Read our review here.

BONUS: This year Duonamic has added some ultra cool PowrHolds, an add on to the Eleviia to seriously up your grip game. 

Buy the Eleviia Travel Package >>


Magic Ninja Dust Value Pack – $60


Have you ever gone to a ninja gym with a “no loose chalk” policy? Well, Magic Ninja Dust is the perfect solution. Not only is it mess free, it’s thicker and longer lasting. It’s the perfect addition to your ninja training. This year they’ve added more alcohol (70%) and a cool new citrus scent. 

We love the new Value Pack because if there is one thing we always run out of, it’s liquid chalk! 

Buy Magic Ninja Dust >>



Ninja Fuel from UNAA – Price TBD

Looking for a boost before an event or hard training day? Then you’ll love this custom energy drink from the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association. Ninja Fuel has MORE B and less sugar than mainstream energy drinks. Ninja Fuel is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

There is a 4-case minimum so if you’re ready to stock up for the season, contact UNAA to place an order!  




Ninja Nico Book Series – $3.99 each

Ninja Nico is an adventurous ninja kid with a book series that makes for a fun gift for the avid reader in your home.

There are 4 books in the Ninja Nico series:

  • Ninja Nico and the Secret Ninja (Book 1)
  • Ninja Nico and the Zombie Fest (Book 2)
  • Ninja Nico and the Storm (Book 3)
  • Ninja Nico and the Ultimate Ninja Warrior Road Trip (Book 4)

Author Marcy Nicole is a ninja mom who was inspired by her ninja warrior kid, Ninja Nico, to write a kids’ book series about the growing sport of ninja warrior obstacle course racing and competitions. The Ninja Nico series is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Stock up here >>

Bob and Brad Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Gun – $119

Any hardcore athlete knows that training hard leads to sore muscles and while Hypervolt may be a more well-known massage gun, Scott Behrends (gym owner and chief content officer of Backyard Ninja Kids) has this to say about Bob and Brad’s version, “Bob and Brad are the two most famous physical therapists on the internet … in their opinion of course, Bob. 😂 They provide great content on health and wellbeing. I’ve purchased multiple products from them on my own dime. Being a Ninja Warrior athlete I also appreciate their grip trainer. This is a full review of their massage gun. It comes with 5 common massage heads and charges over USB-C which is fantastic. The battery life lasts for hours, which turns into days of use. Stay until the end to make sure you see the deal above. I was excited to get my hands on this massage gun to give you my full review!”

We think that makes this a top gift idea for any athletic family! 

Check out Scott’s Review

Then go here to purchase >>

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Stick-It: The Parkour and Fitness Card Game – $14.99

Learn and Train Parkour Skills with Cards! 

These cards are:

  • Designed to help you LEARN, TRAIN and have fun with Parkour movements any time, any place.
  • HUGE 3×5 inch cards are easy to read, durable and can be played anywhere.
  • Brought to you by Warrior Life Gear and the Parkour pros at the Maine Warrior Gym
  • Hand-drawn illustrations show the moves on each card and a description tells you how to do it.
  • Great gift for active kids, boys or girls, gymnasts or budding parkour athletes this Christmas holiday sea

Get Yours Here >>

Ninja Attachment Lane from World Ninja Sport

The World Ninja Sport Ninja Attachment Lane allows you to securely attach ninja obstacles indoors! The set includes two 30″ wide x 60″ long panels with 16 attachement rings to give you two rows that span 10 feet! Add additional panels to create longer rows of obstacles!

Check it out here >>

Support Your Local Gym or Favorite Ninja League

It goes without saying that some of the best ninja gift ideas come directly from your local ninja gym. There are a ton of ways to do that (read this post for a few of them) which include purchasing a punch pass, gift certificates and/or merchandise. Your purchase will have direct impact on your local community. Please consider buying direct if and when you can. If you’re not a member of a home gym, find a ninja gym here

Here are a few of our friends who shared their shop links.

Email us to get yours added!

We hope you’re inspired by these ninja warrior gift ideas! Please be sure to check The Ninja Marketplace for more great gear.