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More than a marketing opportunity for your ninja gym, we are #oneninjacommUNITY.

When you join The Ninja Passport as a Destination, you're part of something bigger. Our mission to to bring real value to your business (such as the Support Our Sport auction!) As a collective you can also enjoy group perks such as discounts on equipment, insurance, technology, coach certification and more! We have built a robust commUNITY of ninja gym owners who connect on a regular basis.

There's NO COST to join (basic listings are free forever!!) and the only commitment to you is one free and one half price open gym or class per person, per year. Our estimate is that this will cost your gym (not out of pocket) less than $300 per year (based on a $20 open gym fee). See Numbers below.

Get more details below and if you have any questions, please reach out!!

Benefits to becoming a Ninja Passport destination


Just like ninja training, marketing takes consistency, consistency, consistency. By partnering with The Ninja Passport, your brand message will consistently be exposed to thousands of ninja athletes and families throughout the US and the world, many of whom may not (yet!) know about your venue.

Equipment Discounts

We are working with retailers to bring our Destinations exclusive discounts. Ninja-related products such as Magic Ninja Dust, DGS Ninja Supply, Monstro Holds and many more in the pipeline! Become a Destination to take advantage of these exclusive deals!


Hiring a salesperson is expensive (so is Yelp - see Numbers). Working with The Ninja Passport is not! We are selling YOUR gym destination to people all over the world! We're a listing site, a PR site, a social media promo site and built-in community all rolled into one. What’s better than (nearly) free advertising to your super targeted niche?

Earn $$$

With our new Affiliate Program, we've gone against the recommendation of our business advisor (shh... don't tell!) and are offering Destinations the opportunity to earn 30% of any Passport sales we can attribute back to your unique link. We think this is just one small way you can get some hard-earned cash from your partnership with us 🙂 


Every gym is unique and that definitely works in your favor! We specialize in bringing you first-time athletes who are hungry to try something new. Because our members get free admission (once, 50% off the next time) and access to all of our destinations, they are more likely to come and try it out (and be amazed of course!) and come back for more and more.

User-Generated Content

Let’s face it, your biggest marketing muscle is word-of-mouth. When you partner with The Ninja Passport, you’ll have access to loads of user-generated content…. Ninjas will create, post, share and tag images of YOUR gym all across social media channels. It’s like word-of-mouth on steroids (not that we condone the use of steroids, of course).


Ok, here is the BEST PART! It costs nothing to be a Ninja Passport Destination. All you offer to each ninja passport member is one free open gym (or class) and another at half price per year. These offerings will get ninjas excited about traveling to your gym, excited about sharing their experience and excited about buying more products. It’s a win-win-win. We like to win.


Let's talk numbers. We're trying to make The Ninja Passport as cost-effective as possible for ninja gyms. Yelp charges $600 per 1000 impressions, magazine ads START at $500 and Facebook ads aren't effective unless you create an irresistible offer .... we estimate your (not out of pocket) costs to be roughly $300 per year (at $20 per open gym). Our goal is to make TNP the best damn ROI of them all!


Did we mention that as a partner of The Ninja Passport program, you get two free passports yourself? Can you say road trip?

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