Best Ninja Gyms in Florida

Heading to the Sunshine State for some fun and relaxation? Why not make time to stop at some of the best ninja gyms in Florida to flex your obstacle course racing skills in the land of Disney, alligators, and beaches? You’re in luck! Not only is Florida a fabulous state to visit, but it’s also an awesome state to do some ninja training.

Here are the Best Ninja Gyms in Florida

Ninja Life – Pensacola

best ninja gyms in florida - ninja life

Ninja Life is a brand new gym on the gulf coast with a design for all ages and skill levels. What’s impressive is the the head-to-head lanes which offer a challenge against another athlete or the clock. Warped walls, devils rig, climbing walls and so much more will challenge any skill level. No matter your age or ability, there’s something just for you.

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Atomic Training & Performance (ATP) – Ft. Lauderdale

Atomic Training And Performance is a first of its kind obstacle based training arena located in Fort Lauderdale, FL that combines traditional fitness equipment with 30+ NINJA WARRIOR and OCR obstacles. this high quality training team has a goal to provide a comprehensive fitness program as well as a unique training experience to help athletes of all caliber achieve and maintain optimal fitness year-round.

ATP’s distinctive fitness philosophy aims to appeal to all fitness levels by providing adaptive quality coaching through an education-based training program. They offer group classes, personal training, and private events for all ages led by coaches that exemplify knowledge and leadership in sports and fitness.

Check any review site and you’ll see 5-stars all around. Here’s what Penny had to say, “A wonderful training facility with great staff! Staff seemingly wants everyone to leave feeling better about their improved skills. There is a lot of individual trainer attention for each attendee. Staff’s goal is to see clients improving their skills. There are many fun ways to exercise every muscle while improving on one’s physical capabilities to master ninja warrior skills. Appeals to all age groups and classes are set up for specific age ranges….the very young to the much older. I have loved the time I have spent there and leave feeling accomplished and even more motivated. I rank this this training facility as superb!”

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F.R.O.G. Ninja Academy – Crestview

We started with a dream, turned into a vision that is becoming a reality…

F.R.O.G. Ninja Academy is a family, a non-judgmental place where everyone is motivated to overcome life’s obstacles by breaking down physical and mental walls. F.R.O.G. Ninja Academy’s team focuses on strengthening the mind, body, and soul in a fun, friendly and carefree environment. James has this to say, “This place is awesome!! So much to do. Workout, Train, Cardio! Such a motivational atmosphere. Come see for yourself. You will love it!”

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Jungle Gym – Pinellas Park

Experience raw, natural fitness in this gorgeously grit handcrafted gym.

Jungle Gym started when father and son, Jason and Caleb Bergstrom (you may recall from ANW?!?)  built a background Ninja Warrior Training facility. Jungle Gym quickly outgrew it’s spot and they knew this was something that needed to be shared with more people. The Bergstrom family has put in a lot of hard work and has had a lot of awesome volunteer help in creating a special place for the entire family.
Jungle Gym features a ton of obstacles from American Ninja Warrior as well as Parkour, Personal Training, Mud Run Training and simultaneous Kids and Adults Classes- each in a separate wing of the gym.

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Mighty Orion Fitness –  Orange Park

With over 6,000 sqft of obstacles including the first Devils Limit, 8 thru 16 foot warped walls, wingnuts, double salmon ladder, lache and swing runs, this Northeast Florida gym is a totally fun. Sonya has this to say, “We had a great time today at the kids class. Everyone was friendly and professional and really encouraging with my son. The place itself is clean, and set up nicely for all the best ninja training any mother of an aspiring parkour ninja could hope for. Can’t wait until next week!”

Can’t get better than that!

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Ninja Street Obstacle Academy – Mirimar

Designed as a playground for kids and adults, Ninja Street creates a healthy training environment for all skill levels and ages. Although training regimens revolve around ninja warrior obstacles, Ninja Street aims to be like a second home for all athletes.

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Strong Grip – Pembroke Pines

Designed by ANW competitor, Julio Santiago who is passionate about helping kids become healthy, increase self-confidence, and develop skills through ninja warrior training. Julio helps his student learn to balance, be agile, and the functions of the body parts. Julio says that this anti-bullying program training is a great way to become healthy, be respectful and have fun. By learning the basics of each discipline, the child will develop leadership skills by helping each other in completing obstacles in a safe environment with low or no impact. Ninja Warrior has recently become a popular sport and there are several annual competitions for kids and adults nationwide.

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