Check Out These Awesome Ninja Gyms in Illinois

When we think of Illinois, the first thing that comes to our mind is Chicago. But not a lot of people know that more than the famous city of Chicago, the state still has a lot to offer. From tall historical buildings and museums, to stunning waterfalls and miles and miles of farmland – there’s a lot to enjoy about the state of Illinois! In addition to some of these popular things Illinois is known for, state also boasts of its wide-range choices when it comes to ninja gyms. If you plan to head to the midwest anytime soon, or you live in the area be sure to check out the best ninja gyms in Illinois. We’re proud to have them as part of The Ninja Passport. 

Best Ninja Gyms in Illinois

Iron Coyote Challenge Park

best ninja gyms in illinois | the ninja passport

Iron Coyote offers an experience unlike any other. Their 20,000 sq/ft facility offers a ropes course with over 35 obstacles, ninja warrior-style obstacle courses, climbing walls, zip line, party rooms, snack bar and an observation mezzanine to enjoy it all!

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Windy City Ninjas 

best ninja gyms in illinois | the ninja passport

Their mission is to help kids and adults overcome, persevere and achieve…and unleash what they didn’t know was in them…to truly have that degree of fulfillment that we all know is so special! That is their brand of fun! Windy City Ninjas’ primary focus is on structured, progressive classes to enable all to achieve what they didn’t think possible. Their measure of success is the pride and excitement worn on the faces as they conquer!

Of course, birthday parties, camps, family fun nights and open gym time go hand in hand with their structured classes. Whether a first timer or a regular – all will enjoy themselves as they ninja and achieve in a family community/environment. They have two branches in Illinois which are located in Chicago and Elmhurst.

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Flipside Academy of Movement

best ninja gyms in illinois | the ninja passport

The Flipside Academy of Movement is a unique indoor fitness experience that offers a safe, fun and challenging environment to support an individual’s physical, mental and social growth through movement. They provide training in parkour/ninja warrior, free running, flipping and tumbling and adult fitness. They offer classes for kids and adults from ages 3 to 60+ across our programs.

Flipside Academy of Movement enables participants to develop new skills and self-confidence through high-quality, integrated movement classes. They offer numerous opportunities to run, jump and climb and help build strong bones and muscle strength while improving overall physical health.

Beyond the physical approach, participants are encouraged to deal with challenges, overcome fear and achieve personal goals. They foster confidence, perseverance, determination and problem-solving to help participants succeed in every area of life.

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Ultimate Ninjas

Inspired by the hit television show American Ninja Warrior on NBC, Ultimate Ninjas offers a wide variety of obstacle courses for kids of every age and skill level. They have an agility course, swinging ropes, monkey bars, quintuple steps, climbing and warped walls among other exciting obstacles for kids to try, practice and master. You will also find a large gym area for basketball, soccer, floor hockey and space to run – your child is sure to have fun while boosting self–confidence!

Ultimate Ninjas know how important it is for boys and girls to gain self–confidence and build self–esteem. Which is why they have designed courses for all ages and abilities. Being able to try, fail, try again, and succeed is essential to building self–esteem. With every attempt at one of our courses and every victory when crossing the finish line, boys and girls will discover that they are Ultimate Ninjas!

Their friendly, helpful, and energetic staff are here to make your experience hassle–free and make every trip to Ultimate Ninjas unforgettable.Ultimate Ninjas has three branches in Illinois which are located in Libertyville, Naperville, and Chicago.

Check them out at Ultimate Ninjas Libertyville, Ultimate Ninjas Naperville, and Ultimate Ninjas Chicago >> 

Make sure to visit a ninja gym near you and have that ultimate ninja warrior experience.