Check out These New Regional Ninja Leagues

There are two new ninja leagues in town and we’re excited to help you get to know them!  Introducing the Midwest Champions League (MCL) and Ninja Carolina League (NCL). These two new regional leagues were born out of a passion for the sport of ninja and the community that surrounds it. You know we’re all about #oneninjacommUNITY here at The Ninja Passport.

Let’s dive in!

Ninja Leagues: Meet MCL & NCL

Midwest Champions League (MCL)

The Midwest Champions League includes these gyms for season one: The Ninja’s Edge in Plymouth, MI; Ganburu in Detroit, MI; Tri County Ninja in Fenton, MI; Adrenaline Monkey in Cleveland, OH; Ninja Hub in Canton, OH and Ninjobstacles in Kettering, OH. For the second season, they are looking to add gyms in Illinois, Indiana, and other surrounding states. With the expansion of the league, a state regional competition is planned to be used to qualify athletes for finals in 2022.

The inaugural season of the MCL will run from December 2020 to May 2021 with league finals to be held in June 2021. Five dollars of every registration fee will be donated to the Ninja USA scholarship fund.

MCL was born out of an understanding that many athletes may have issues traveling long distances to competitions or attending multiple Finals competitions each year. Their hope is that having a centralized Midwest league will give more opportunity to those families desiring to compete locally, at a high level.

Additional Details about MCL

Scoring will include a modified point system to allow for maximum discretion and customization for course designers and hosting gyms.

  • Each course will have at least 10 obstacles, with no more than 15 obstacles. Each course will have at least 2 upper body obstacles and 2 balance obstacles.
  • Each obstacle will be assigned a point value between 1 and 5 points.
  • The age divisions are consistent with NinjaUSA age divisions. An athlete’s division is dictated by their age on January 1st of the year in which the league championship will be held. For Season 1 of the MCL, an athlete’s age on January 1, 2021, dictates their division.
  • The MCL will have team competitions at all events. Teams will consist of 3 athletes.
  • Gym Affiliations – MCL will record a gym affiliation at each athlete’s first MCL competition. Athletes will earn points for their gym based on the results of their Individual runs only.
  • Athletes need to compete in at least 2 regular season competitions to be eligible to compete in MCL Finals.
  • MCL will abide by all Ninja USA guidelines which include staff and gyms to be SafeSport certified.

For more information about The Midwest Champions League visit their Facebook page.

Upcoming MCL Events >>

Ninja Carolina League (NCL)

Ninja Carolina League includes these gyms: Rock Solid Warrior in Fuquay Varina, NC; Warrior Tech OCR in Morrisville & Raleigh, NC; Ultimate Backyard Warrior in Rocky Mount, NC; Sumter Ninja Warrior in Sumter, SC; and Warrior Zone Ninja in Winterville, NC.

The Ninja Carolina League (NCL) is a league for Beginning and Advanced Ninja Warrior athletes of all ages in the Carolinas.  The season will run from December to mid-April with finals in the first two weeks of May to determine its champions.

Additional Details about NCL

At the beginning of each season, athletes will decide which level and class they will compete in and must compete in that division for the entire season.

General guidelines are that most athletes competing in their first full season will be “beginners” and most athletes that have been competing consistently for more than 1 year will be “advanced”.  Athletes who have qualified and competed in either the NNL National Finals or UNAA World Finals must compete in the “advanced” level.  After Season 1, any “beginners” who finished in the top 3 spots in the previous season must compete in an “advanced” division the following season.

  • Classes are consistent with NinjaUSA age divisions and will have male and female, beginner and advanced levels in the following classes (based on age as of January 1 of the year the season ends).
  • Competitors in each division (gender/level/class) will be awarded points based on the standard league standing scoring system.
  • NCL will follow Athlete Warrior Games rules.
  • Athletes may compete in as many season competitions as they desire.  Their three best performances will determine their standings in their division (gender/level/class group) of the league.
  • In order to qualify for Finals an athlete will need at least 160 league points.
  • The finals will determine the season champions, and top performers may be eligible for participation at the national level to be part of Team USA.  (USA Ninja is still working on the details of this for 2021 and beyond).
  • Prize money awarded at the finals should not jeopardize an athlete’s amateur status as it is not expected to be higher than what they paid to participate in total throughout the season.

For more about Ninja Carolina League and for an updated schedule visit their Facebook page.

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