Duonamic Eleviia Ninja Product Review

Updated October 2020

Ever since the pull-up bar on my son’s bedroom door fell while a friend was trying it out (resulting in a bit of a head bruise and a fear of pull up bars), we have felt a little uneasy about using a traditional bar for ninja training. And, when winter hits here in Colorado, we really need some indoor training options! Around that time, we noticed a new, totally redesigned pull-up bar idea being used by some of the top name ninjas. When powerhouses like Joe Moravsky and Jesse Lebreck are showing off how simple and effective it is to use, we knew we had to try it! That’s why this month we are going to review, Eleviia, the World’s Best Portable Pull-Up Bar and a cool new attachment they just released. 

Ninja Product Review  – Duonamic’s Portable Pull-Up Bar, Eleviia

Duonamic Eleviia is nicely sized with these dimensions: 30 x 25 x 12 cm. The version we received includes a nice travel case with a bonus pocket (maybe for your liquid chalk?!) It would not take up too much room in your carry on.

It was super simple to get going with, too! The handles have a nice, solid feel about them but are still lightweight. You simply pull apart then afix to a door frame (you do have to have access to a door frame with molding to attach to) and you can get started right away!

ninja product review - eleviia review

You can train with a variety of grips, and also swap out the handles for holds! Crushing Caleb loves that they allow the arms to move more freely and I love that they do not damage the door, or leave unsightly marks. Ninja Dad Andy is happy they fit snugly in his suitcase for training on the go.

It’s pretty exciting to have access to a simple, yet innovative, ninja training product which doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and can be used quickly and easily whether you’re at home or on the go.

The Eleviia travel package consists of a pair of door clamps with handles, plus a carrying bag. Maximum user weight: 250lb (113kg)

Please measure your door and check with the diagram to make sure Eleviia is compatible before purchasing.

Want to tryout one for yourself or buy as a gift? Visit Duomanic here!

New for 2020! Up your pull-up game with Eleviia’s newest accompaniment …. PowrHolds!

You’ve see the world’s best pull up bar, Eleviia. Now it’s time to up your game with the new PowrHolds.

Powrholds are a revolutionary grip strength trainer developed by climbers for climbers. When paired with the Eleviia, they are the most transportable finger trainer for climbing on the market. Take them traveling so that on your off days you can train in the hotel, or take them to the crag and clip them into a hanger.

We love how easy it is to customize your pull-up experience. The Eleviia PowrHolds can be adjusted in so many cool ways. You can adjust the angle of the hold to make it harder or easier. You can also adjust the depth of the finger hold with a one or two magnetic locks to adjust the grip distance. 

The PowrHolds are an excellent addition to any ninjas home – or travel! – workout routine. I can also see rock climbers and any other athletes who need to work on grip strength getting some amazing training out of them. 

As for us, our ninja LOVES them and trains in between classes at school from home. Crushing Caleb says they are perfect for helping him train for vertical limit. 

Interested in adding PowrHolds to Your Home Gym? Check them out here.