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What is The Ninja Passport?

The Ninja Passport is a multi-gym pass for the ninja community. Ninja Adventurers will explore obstacle course gyms, connect with ninja athletes, find events at ninja gyms near you, and get deals on ninja gear. 

Who can use The Ninja Passport?

Anyone over 13 years of age can sign up for an account on The Ninja Passport (under 18 requires parental approval).  Junior Adventurers under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the site, but an adult member may sign them up as an authorized user of an account to receive the benefits of The Ninja Passport.

What are the benefits for Adventurers?

Adventurers receive one free open gym/class and one at half price at each participating Destination per membership year.  Other benefits include discounts at partner ninja brands, the most comprehensive ninja event calendar available, and the Flex Forum that allows you to connect with ninjas across the globe to talk about your amazing #ninjaccomplishments, training tips, and buy/sell used gear.

What Destinations are included on The Ninja Passport?

Ninja facilities from around the world are invited to join The Ninja Passport as a Destination free of charge.  The only requirement is that they honor the benefits for Adventurers.  Check out this link for the expansive list of gyms that have signed on to be Destinations.  (Please note: Gyms agree to participate for one year, and can withdraw from the program at any time after one year.  The website will always be updated with current Destinations.)

What’s the difference between an Explorer, Adventurer and Expeditioner?

There are three levels of membership available - Expeditioners, Adventurers, and Explorers.

Expeditioners pay an annual fee of $99 and receive all of the benefits of the Adventurer plus receive Ninja Necessities, including Magic Ninja Dust, RipFix, a physical Ninja Passport, a Ninja Passport travel tag, and a participant-level annual membership for the Ninja Master app.

Adventurers pay an annual fee of $59 to get access to one free open gym/class and one at half price at each participating Destination (with more than 125 Destinations, that’s an incredible value)!  In addition, they get access to the Flex Forum, the events calendar, exclusive deals from ninja retailers and more. 

Explorers can access many of The Ninja Passport’s features for free, but do not receive the discounted entry to gyms nor the Ninja Necessities.

Are there any restrictions for Adventurers for the discounted entries to Destinations?

The only restriction is that offers are not valid at your “home” gym, or the gym at which you have a membership or an ongoing relationship.  Otherwise, the offers are valid at any Destination.

Can I go to any Destination for any class or at any time and get my offer?

Different Destinations have different calendars for classes and activities.  Please always check the individual Destination’s website or call ahead to ensure that you can use your offer when you go.

Is there a discount for multiple members of one family?

Yes! One member may choose to sign up for between one and four passports. Pricing options are as follows: two (2) for $109, three (3) for $159 or four (4) for $199. Once a family membership has been purchased, coupon codes will be emailed so each member of the family can create a unique profile and login.

How do I redeem my offers as an Adventurer or Explorer?

It’s easy to redeem your offer! All you need is to login to your profile on your mobile device, navigate to the Passports tab and find the gym you wish to visit (gyms are automatically sorted by location or alphabetically)

What is the Flex Forum?

The Flex Forum is The Ninja Passport’s online community.  Start a thread with a question, a training tip/need, seeking a training partner, hoping to find that elusive pair of Zantes, etc. and see the community respond.

How do I leave a review?

You will be prompted to leave a review after you check in each time at every Destination.  If you have visited a Destination previously, feel free to leave them a review. Please include videos and photos. Tell everyone about the amazing new obstacle you tried and the new record you set for yourself.  Who was the great ninja pro you got to train with? Everyone wants to know!

How do I move up the leaderboard?

You move up the leaderboard by visiting new gyms, by leaving reviews, by participating in forums, and by liking other people’s reviews/forum posts.  We want you to be an active participant in our community, so the more you interact, the higher your points. And key an eye out for prizes for our leaders.

How can I post an event on the calendar?

Only gyms and admins of the site can post on the calendar, but everyone can benefit from the comprehensive listings on it.  If you have an event that you would like to have included, please email us at

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