How to Redeem Multi-Pack Coupons

For solo adventurers, simply login to My Passport and follow the instructions below. For multi-pack purchases follow these instructions to activate all accounts.

  1. After you sign up for your initial account, you'll be emailed a coupon code which can be applied to EACH user you purchased the pack for.
  2. Every Member is required to have a unique Ninja Name (User Name) and email address. Register here.
  3. Once each Member has registered, navigate to the Store and proceed to check out using the Solo Traveler option.
  4. Apply the coupon code that was emailed to you after your initial purchase, proceed with billing account details (you will not need to add your credit card number again).
  5. You're in!

Please email questions or issues to

How to Redeem Your Ninja Passport

As a Ninja Passport member (Adventurer), you will have redemption codes on your personal account which may be accessed through a mobile device or desktop computer. Staff at the Destination you plan to visit will follow these steps to redeem the Passport offers.

Step 1

You are required to complete each gym's waiver.

Each time you visit a Destination, you will log in to your account and navigate to the My Passport tab and show the gym staff your profile on your mobile device. Here you'll find the Destination's gym logo and a button with either Free Open Gym, Half Price, or Check-In. The Destination Staff must click the available choice (button options automatically update depending on how many visits you've completed).

Step 2

The system will then go to a screen that confirms the redemption of the offer, then to an additional step that requires a Venue Redeem. By requiring a two-step redemption process, we hope to minimize "fake" redemptions. See the screenshots below for how that will look.

Once the Venue clicks "Accept," then "Venue Accept" this offer will no longer be valid.

We strongly encourage Destination staff to click all applicable buttons on all three pages – the offer (free open gym, half price or check in), "Accept" AND “Venue Accept” so that the offers are validated in the system and they cannot be used again!

On your first visit, you will see the option for “Free Open Gym” on your second visit, you will see "Half Price" for the 50% off open gym/class. For each time you visit after your offers have been redeemed, you or the Destination staff may click "Check-In" for additional points on the Leaderboard.

Step 3

Leave a Review! The system will automatically prompt you to leave a review and take you to the appropriate Destination page!


We encourage you to save a Quick Link to this page on your mobile device! Once you've logged into your account and navigated to My Passport, save the page your home screen. For information on how to do that, visit this article.

That's it! Let us know if you have any questions by emailing