How to Redeem Passports - for Destinations

Ninja members (Adventurers) will have redemption codes on their mobile device via each Adventurer's personal account.  Staff at your gym will follow these steps to redeem the Adventurer's Passport offers.

Step 1

Each Adventurer is required to complete your gym-specific waiver (if they didn't do so through the waiver link on The Ninja Passport platform.)

Each time an Adventurer visits your gym, they will log in to their account and show you their profile on their mobile device, which has your gym logo and either Free Open Gym, Half Price, or Check-In. Click the appropriate option for them

Step 2

The system will then take your staff to a screen that confirms their redemption of the offer, then to an additional step that requires a Venue Redeem. By requiring a two-step redemption process, we hope to minimize "fake" redemptions. See the screenshots below for how that will look.

Once you click "Accept," then "Venue Accept" this offer will no longer be valid.

We strongly encourage you and/or your staff to click all applicable buttons on all three pages – the offer (free open gym, half price or check in), "Accept" AND “Venue Accept” so that the offers are validated in the system and they cannot be used again!

On their first visit, you will click the option for “Free Open Gym” on their second visit, you will click "Half Price" for the 50% off open gym/class.

For each time they visit after their offers have been redeemed, the Adventurers may click "Check-In" for additional points on their leaderboard status.

All of these steps and functionality were intentionally created so that you and your staff won't have to keep track of anything. The system will do it all for you.

Step 3

Encourage them to leave a review of your gym after their visit!


That's it! Let us know if you have any questions by emailing