Thank you for your interest in being a member of NinjaUSA.

Membership in NinjaUSA is required for participation in any NinjaUSA event such as the upcoming NinjaUSA World Cup & National Team Trials on October 7-9 as well as the Preview Invitational event on August 12-14th.

Your membership is good for one year.

Prior to submitting for membership, please note the following:


Every athlete must have a physical on file to compete in the World Cup in October. The physical must be less than 1 year old. Copies of physicals should be sent to

Anyone who does not have a physical on file within 30 days of the event will be removed from the competition. We will send reminders and follow-up.

Medical Check

On site, when the athlete arrives for check-in they will need to go through a medical check.

Medicals are provided by healthcare professionals and will consist of a blood pressure and pulse check as well as verification of no existing injuries and a list of any surgeries or broken bones within the last year. Encourage short, pointed answers.


Random Testing

15+ athlete’s are subject to random testing and the 15+ Ninja Speed Team USA will all be tested after competition. and the Ninja Speed Team USA will all be tested after competition. Below are links to the Anti-doping policy and our guiding policy.

Please review these in detail.

The WADA Prohibited List

USOPC National Anti-Doping Policy



All coaches and parents who plan on coaching their children 17 years and younger must complete a background check for access to coach’s lane and athlete bullpen. You will only pay the $9 fee one time. After that, each year you renew your NinjaUSA membership, the system will run your background free of charge.


To be certified as a coach, the person must:

1 – Be a NinjaUSA member

2. Get your Safesport Certificate
Your Unique Organizational Code: NinjaUSA

Contact: Please contact if you are having issues accessing the background check form.

  • Step 1: Click this link: Safe Coach Background Check Sign Up
  • Step 2: Fill out the required information. This is very Important, when signing up please ensure NinjaUSA is in the Organization Code box.
  • Step 3: Hit submit and check your email (inbox/spam) You will receive an email verification link. Once you verify your email, the account will be active.
  • Step 4: Login to and fill in the required information and hit submit. The background check will be submitted. Only hit submit once.
    • Results: The results will go directly to Ninja USA. NinjaUSA will only contact you if there are unacceptable convictions. All violent, sexual, lewd acts or crimes against children will bar an individual from floor. All other offenses will be based on panel review.
    • Cost is $9.00 per background check

3 – Once these elements are complete, your digital membership card will be updated to show you are now “ Certified”.


We strive to have a fun and safe event under the parameters governing NinjaUSA.  If you have any questions, please reach out to 

Ninja USA Membership Enrollment

If you need a NinjaWorks ID, please get one now. The link will open in a new tab so you won’t lose this page.

Please upload a head shot for your ID card. This will be used for checking at NinjaUSA events.

Square photos are best and need to be at least 320 x 320. Please make sure your image is large enough or your won't receive your digital pass.

Price includes a $3 processing fee.
Price: $28.00