[Press Release] The Ninja Passport & Monstro Holds Launch Online Auction to Benefit the Ninja Community

May 27, 2020, Boulder, Colorado — The Ninja Passport and Monstro Holds announced today the launch of “Support Our Sport – An Online Auction to Benefit the Ninja Community”, running  May 3, 2020 thru May 17, 2020.  

This silent auction will allow athletes, ninja gear retailers, leagues and others in the sport to list goods and services for auction.  Athletes, families and other supporters of ninja will bid on items. Proceeds will go to support pro ninjas, gyms, leagues, organizations and ninja retailers. 

Support Ninjas Auction – Details

Here are additional details.  

Ninja brands will donate auction items for which they will receive 50% of the retail value back from the online portion of the auction. Any additional money raised from the donation will go to the buyer’s organization of choice.

  • For the online, silent auction portion, minimum bids will begin at 50% of retail value.  If this level is not reached, the item will not sell.
    • Donors will receive 50%* of retail value back for whatever they donate.  In other words, if a pro ninja donates a 30-minute virtual lesson valued at $60, as long as the minimum $30 bid is met, the athlete will receive $30 back, no matter the final sales price. 
    • Any additional revenue above 50%* of the retail value will be donated to the buyer’s gym/league/organization of choice.
    • Of course, donors may also choose to provide straight donations if desired.
  • The Ninja Passport and Monstro Holds will also host a virtual live auction on Sunday, May 17th at 7:00PM EDT that will include items of much higher value.  All items for this live auction will be straight donations, with 100% of proceeds going to the buyer’s gym/league/organization of choice.

Now Accepting Donations

Our ask:  Will you donate one (or more) items as silent and/or live auction items?  We seek donations of all valuations, from $5-5000.  Ideas/examples include the following, but be creative!  Different types of items create excitement and produce bids.

    • For pro ninjas– A 30-minute virtual lesson for up to 10 participants.  A birthday phone call and/or greeting.  A signed t-shirt or poster.  Any combination of these things and others.
    • For ninja retailers– One (or more) items or a package of items.
    • For leagues– Free registration for a local or finals event.  A t-shirt or other swag items
    • For ninja gyms- A free birthday party, a month of free membership, a private lesson with one of your coaches, a t-shirt or other swag item.

These are just some of the possibilities of items that could yield significant contributions from people across our amazing ninja community.  The more donations we receive, the more we can distribute among our ninja community.

This community auction will support ninja athletes by providing a source of income, ninja leagues, gyms, and ninja-related non-profit organizations in donations, and the ninja community as a whole as a way to bring us all together.

To donate, please click here. For more: supportninja.auction

*The Ninja Passport and Monstro will incur auction-related fees totaling approximately 7% of each item (payment fees, fees for the online auction software, etc.).  Therefore, we will split this 7% up between the 50% for the donor and 50% of the donation selected by the buyer.  Anything left over from these unavoidable fees will go to support a ninja-related charity.  Neither Monstro nor The Ninja Passport will receive any profits from this auction (other than items sold as part of the silent auction).

About The Ninja Passport

The Ninja Passport was created out of a passion for the ninja community and to help sustain and grow the sport of ninja.  We help ninjas, ninja families and the “ninja curious” explore, connect and save by offering one pass to 170+ ninja warrior style gyms. Plus, TONS more perks and benefits.


About Monstro Holds

Monstro Holds was started with one goal in mind, create new and exciting products to that test the limits of anyone looking to get stronger and more fit. Monstro was created by long time fitness enthusiast, Eric Totten. Eric has a passion for making things and loves bringing new ideas to reality. He is a Monstro of extreme size and strength with a passion for technology and the art of making products through it. Eric recently turned his love for the show American Ninja Warrior into a dream experience by losing over 80 pounds and competing in the ANW Philadelphia Qualifiers in 2018. Monstro Holds is the leader of ninja holds.