Support Our Sport Ninja Auction Was a Sweet Success

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Support Our Sport ninja community fundraiser. Thanks to your participation, we were able to raise more than $20K! Wow!

Support Our Sport Ninja Fundraiser

In case you missed it, here’s how the event broke down.

Ninjas, ninja retailers and other ninja brands contributed to the event. For their contributions they could do a 100% donation or receive back 50% of the retail value. We set it up this way so that those brands who may have been affected by the pandemic didn’t feel like they had to give 100% of their products or services, so in a way, it was designed to help create income for them as well.

Here are the ninja brands who were gracious enough to give 100% donation and these items brought in more than 40% of overall winnings.

  • DGS Ninja auction items were 100% donation and brought in more than $3100
  • A timing system from NinjaWorks was a 100% donation and brought in $4600
  • Ninja pro, Jessie Graff donated a variety of items and experiences that brought in nearly $1000

In addition to these very cool donations, we had some truly awesome items and experiences.

Here are a few highlights:

  • National Ninja League + Joe Moravsky offered an in-person experience with their new board game
  • Ninja gyms offered classes, parties, merchandise
  • Pro ninjas offered virtual and in-person lessons, merchandise and experiences
  • Junior ninjas offered virtual and in-person lessons, merchandise and experiences
  • There were loads of amazing obstacles – even one that debuted at the auction by Obstacle Design Group
  • The Brick Ninja offered up some of his cool ninja related Lego sets
  • The Tie Dye Ninja (little Lylah MacCall) offered up the chance to be in a YouTube video
  • Ninja Chef Jaleesa offered a custom look-a-like cookie
  • Ninja Warrior Blueprints donated 100% of three of their blueprints

Thanks to the support of everyone involved, we were able to donate more than $13K DIRECTLY TO NINJA GYMS and the rest went to ninjas and other ninja brands who contributed. If you won one or more of these awesome items, please be sure to tag us in your posts @supportoursport #supportoursport