Take Your Ninja Coaching Career to the Next Level

Are you a coach or aspiring coach looking to grow with the sport of ninja? Well, you’re in luck because there are lots of ninja gyms around the country looking for hard-working ninja coaches to grow with them. In fact, as the sport of ninja continues to gain in popularity, ninja gyms are popping up all over the place, making any ninja coaching a fast-growing profession. There is no doubt that a career as a ninja coach will be fun and exciting.

But, how do you get started? We suggest you explore ninja coach certification programs. And, guess what? You’re in luck because now, there are two exciting options for coaches to become ninja coach certified, with more on the way.

Ninja Coach Certification

When it comes to becoming certified as a ninja coach, it’s important to consider all opportunities, because each one will bring something different. The sport of ninja is fairly new, as such, new rules, regulations and systems are being developed on an ongoing basis. What’s important to know is that there are a number of ninja leagues and each league will have their own rules and expectations. As with any industry, if you’re serious about growing your career, then we encourage you to have a “growth mindset”, meaning you’re constantly seeking to improve and learn.

Here are two ninja coach certifications to consider right away.

UNAA’s Level 1 Certification

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association just last year released their ninja coach certification program. Theirs is geared toward officiating of UNAA competitions and basic Ninja Obstacle Course competition training. UNAA’s ninja coach certification is online-only and consists of eight sections. Each section offers text, images and a quiz. Once completed, students put their knowledge to the test with a 51 question final exam.

The UNAA Certification program gives you the knowledge and information to properly officiate a UNAA competition and train athletes for competition.


  • History of UNAA
  • Rules & Regulations of UNAA Events
  • Safety
  • Warming Up Ninjas
  • Training KIDS for a Ninja Comp
  • Training ADULTS for a Ninja Comp
  • Obstacle Course Design
  • Ninja Nutrition

COST: $79 (Individual) or $299 (Team of 5)

WHY: The UNAA is one of the premier ninja leagues with affiliated ninja gyms around the world. Having a basic understanding of structure and rules will give you an added boost when applying for ninja coach jobs at UNAA gyms, plus it is very well priced!


SPOTTED Ninja Coach Certification by World Ninja Sport

SPOTTED (stands for Safe Progressive Obstacle Training Techniques Education) is an obstacle course coach certification developed by American Ninja Warrior competitors and coaches from World Ninja Sport. The SPOTTED certification starts with the most fundamental coaching and spotting techniques so every coach is equipped to run a safe class. Then, there is a deep dive with hands-on training to show proper skill progressions, creative obstacle course setups, and all of the safety precautions to take for each progression.

Classes are small and personalized (limited to 6).


  • Setting up a safe gym
  • Coach responsibilities
  • Confidence Training and Owning the Room
  • Firm but fair – How to control a group and ensure everyone has a safe and progressive experience
  • Creative Obstacle Design – How to use equipment currently in the gym in new ways to maximize Ninja Warrior training and reduce your need to purchase new equipment
  • Obstacle Skill Groups and their varying level of importance
  • Designing Obstacles for different Skill Levels
  • Designing a class structure
  • Designing a curriculum
  • Handling difficult personalities and misbehavior
  • Ninja Warrior show rules and information (if needed)
  • Textures and directions – How to ensure that your obstacle is designed correctly for use
  • Flow of the obstacles and flow of the gym. How to avoid collisions and keep students from wondering during class
  • Custom Training – The coaches will have the ability to ask for additional training in any areas that they feel need more work

COST: $1,000 per participant. They send a Master instructor to your location for certification at your gym with a minimum sign-up of three participants. Travel costs are additional, if applicable.

WHY: A certified gym is a safer gym. SPOTTED’s certification teaches the nuances of Ninja, how to set up, mat, spot, and teach progressions specifically for the Ninja sport – all you’ll need to run a safer gym. Plus, certified gyms are eligible for discounts from insurance companies.


COMING SOON! NNL Coaching Certification

One last option we’ll mention is one that is not quite available yet, but one to be on the lookout for, is National Ninja League’s Coaching Certification program which is stated to be released February 2020. Visit here to sign up for more information.

As the sport grows, we’re certain there will be more options and we encourage you to explore them all. Each will bring their own set of information, structure and benefits.

In the meantime, stay in the loop of ninja jobs by visiting our ninja job board here!