[Training Tips from Coach Storm Sims] How to do a Safety Vault

When it comes to training for ninja warrior, parkour, obstacle course racing or, really, any other sport, you want to do it as safely as possible. Our recommendation is to start off step-by-step, get the basics down first, then work on speeding it up. We’re excited to partner with Coach Storm Sims to bring you a series of ninja warrior training tips to keep you safe and doing the obstacles in the best form possible.

How to do a Safety Vault – Ninja Warrior Training Tips


Hey, guys, what’s going on? This is Coach Storm coming at you from out of Clarksville, Tennessee. This is for you, OCR Parkour Ninja Athletes. This is part of a series of videos that we’re doing to be able to help you get stronger, get better in your discipline or in the multiple disciplines that you’re doing. All right. So we’re going to get right into it. This is called a safety vault. Now, Safety Board is one of the safest balls that you can do when you’re going over utilizing the parkour.

We usually utilize an obstacle course racing a lot. All right.

Now, here it is. It’s going to have your hand.

The opposite foot. Make sure your foot is all the way up on top of your platform, whatever wall, wherever you’re coming up over the top. We don’t want the foot sitting off here at the edge.

All right, because there is a chance of it slipping off. So that foot goes all the way on the other arm is out to counterbalance and bring that leg up, get control of it, bring through the middle. Come back down. OK, come straight forward. Come straight forward. A lot of kids, a lot of people, when they first start up, they have a tendacie to do hand, foot, they’ll jump over, you know, kind of turn this thing right. You want to get can keep control of your body.

Keep coming straight forward. If you’re a little bit taller wall or something like that, same principal applies. Hand, pop it up, foot, bring that leg straight through and come straight down.

OK, now hit the wall that you’re coming on is a little bit tall for you and you can’t quite get that foot up on top of there. You can do what we call a pop up.

You’re going to actually take your foot, pop it up on top of this and then put that other foot on there.

So you’re in here and flip, over, through and down.

All right. That is how we wound up doing a safety vault. All right. So make sure you hit that like button. Make sure you hit that subscribe button, OK? Keep it coming. This is Coach Storm out of Clarksville, Tennessee, and we’ll see you soon.

Thank you Coach Sims for sharing this valuable ninja training tip! We look forward to the rest of your training series.

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About Coach Sims

Coach Storm Sims is a certified parkour instructor obstacle course race coach, and ninja coach. Retired military with 25+ years of service, he has over 3 decades experience in the fitness industry working with weekend warriors, people with body composition issues, youth, seniors, children with different style learning abilities such as autism and Asperger’s, and hard-core athletes in the area of Health and human performance.