What to Look for at an American Ninja Warrior Gym

When it comes to training American Ninja Warrior style, you’ll want to seek out an American Ninja Warrior style-gym. Now, maybe you’re thinking “but my gym has some of the same types of obstacles” or “can’t I just train in my backyard?” While these are all totally fine, and let’s be honest, you can train for ninja ANYWHERE, you’ll also want to consider experiencing show-like obstacle training to round out your ninja routine.

That’s why seeking out a high-quality, American Ninja Warrior gym should be on your list of must-dos for a well-rounded training experience.

Here are 5 things to look for when seeking out an American Ninja Warrior show-inspired style-gym.


  1. Safety

Above all else, safety should be the number one feature of an American Ninja Warrior gym. Things to look for include: static padding under all obstacles, moveable padding, sufficient spacing between obstacles and spotters.

Most gyms will require a signed waiver to use the equipment, which you may typically find online.


  1. Variety of Obstacles

You may have noticed, ninja athletes have a wide range of athletic skills and it’s no wonder! Most veteran ninjas have backgrounds in other disciplines such as gymnastics, parkour, and rock climbing. The good thing is that the sport of ninja brings all these together.

Training on a variety of obstacles is going to better prepare you for ninja success. You’ll want to look for more well-known obstacles such as a warped wall and salmon ladder, balance obstacles and smaller strength and grip building obstacles such as pegboards, holds, cliffhangers and the like.

Most ninja gyms will rotate through obstacles on a regular basis.


  1. Friendly and Engaged Staff

One thing we know for sure is that ninjas are friendly and engaged. Which is something to look for in the staff of an American Ninja Warrior style gym. All your ninja questions should be easily answered and you should feel safe and comfortable for optimal training.


  1. Convenient Schedule

No doubt when you are ready to try out a new ninja gym, you’ll want to dedicate as much time as possible to it. Look on the gym’s website to explore their schedule. Are there classes you want to join in at a good time? What open gym options do they have? A little preparation ahead of time will help you maximize your on-site visit.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider their cancellation policy. Will you get pinged if you sign up for but don’t make a class or open gym session? This is good to know before reserving your spot.


  1. Ask about Unique Amenities

Maybe you want more of an experience than enjoying the equipment or class. You’re in luck! Because some gyms have partnerships in place. Your entry could offer an included pass to a nearby climbing gym or give you access to a pool. Other amenities would include a private training session with a Ninja Pro, massage discounts and many others. You never know if you don’t ask!

Now that you have your list of what to look for, be sure to find your next training destination through us!

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