Will Ninja Warrior be at The Olympics? It’s Possible!

After years of working to bring ninja to the Olympics, a committee has been formally created under the Pentathlon Multi-sport and World OCR with the mission to unite our sport by making the dream of Olympic level Ninja competition a reality. Introducing Ninja USA.

We are also very proud that our co-founder, Susan Tucker has been selected to serve on the committee along with the amazing Maggi Thorne, the highly energetic George O’Dell, the super athlete-businessman Lorin Ball and the incredibly smart go-getter Justin Conway. This dream team will lead the way for implementation of national and international standards for youth and athlete development, coaching, SafeSport certifications and practices, Anti-doping policies, national team development, competitions, and a youth scholarship program that aims to put ninjas through college.

Ninja USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing our sport by connecting our Ninja community and leagues. In the coming months we will be working very hard to make advances that will lead to youth development and scholarship opportunities, and a bid for the Olympic games to come! ⁣

There are many committee positions to fill that will spearhead initiatives including anti-doping, coaching, athlete management, and college sports. We would love to include as much of the Ninja community as possible! If you have an interest in joining a committee, please send an email to info@ninjausa.org
Words cannot describe how rewarding it feels to see our sport get to this level and to be a part of its growth! ⁣

Cheers to the hopes of moving our amazing community and sport to the Games level!⁣

About NinjaUSA

NinjaUSA is an independent multi-sport discipline under USAPM that functions as the national governing body for the sport of Ninja in the United States of America. It is a member-based nonprofit working to develop the sport through athlete representation and engagement.

The mission of NinjaUSA is to promote Ninja competitions and events throughout the United States, to develop the sport of Ninja, and meet the requirements as specified by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and World OCR, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles.

The goals of NinjaUSA include facilitating safer, fairer competitions at a lower cost and providing a route for athletes to compete at international championships and Games competitions.

About World OCR

World OCR is an independent association composed of national member federations that represent the needs of their athlete members in 100 countries. It is the governing body for obstacle sports and related disciplines throughout the world.

The mission of World OCR is to promote Obstacle Sports, disciplines and events, and meet requirements specified by the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. We promote official World Championships for our member federations and their athlete members, with a goal of providing a route, such as the South East Asia Games, Pan Am Games and Summer Olympic to International Multi-Sport Games Games.